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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jandrugs' pharmacy license #?

Jandrugs' Canadian pharmacy partner is Prairie Rx. Prairie Rx is licensed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada by the College of Pharamacists of Manitoba. License #: #32195

How can I contact Jandrugs.com?

You can contact us 24/7 at our Toll Free Phone: 1-866-395-3784 or by emailing info@jandrugs.com. If you are calling from outside Canada or the US our international phone number is 1-647-426-7039. You can also chat with with a Patient Service Representative through our website

Is email a reliable way to communicate with you?

We have agents available 24/7. Our email inbox is monitored constantly and we strive to respond to your email within 24 hours. National holidays or high email volumes may impact our response time. In general, however, our goal is to respond within 24 hours

How can I get my prescription to you?

You can send your prescriptions to us by email, fax or mail.

  • Email: info@jandrugs.com
  • Fax: 1-866-383-3784
  • Mail: 170-1500 14th St. SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1C9, Canada

Please note that while we will fill an order based on an emailed or faxed copy of a prescription we still require the original paper copy to be mailed to us. The exception is if the prescription was emailed or faxed directly from a doctor's office. We also accept verbal prescriptions. Please include your patient account/ID number on any prescription you send to us.

Patients may also ask that our pharmacy to contact their doctor's office and request a prescription on their behalf. This is done by fax. Please ensure we have your doctor's current information including address, phone number and fax number on file. Please inform your doctor's office we will be requesting a prescription by fax, generally this helps speed up the process.

We offer to obtain prescriptions as a courtesy, however we are not always successful. It is important to remember that obtaining a prescription for your order is ultimately your responsibility.

Do I have to set up an account with Jandrugs?

Yes, you must set up an account to place orders with Jandrugs. You can do it online or over the phone. It take only a few minutes. One of our patient service representatives will be happy to assist you and answer any questions your have along the way. We will need basic information such as name, date of birth, address, phone number etc. We will also need to fill out a basic medical questionnaire for the benefit of our pharmacists. An account is needed even if you will only order once.

How much of my medication can I buy at a time?

You can purchase up to a three month supply in any one order. This limit is imposed by US Customs which permits Americans to bring up a three month supply of medications into the United States for personal use. The quantity of medication that constitutes a three month supply is determined by the doctor's instructions on your prescription. Patients from outside the United States may order up to one year's supply.

What are the Terms and Conditions for using this site?

Please see our terms and conditions page.

What are your Terms of Sale?

Please see out Terms of Sale page.

I'm sending my prescription by fax/email. How long will it take to be processed?

Our goal is to process any document sent to us within 24-48 hours. Prescriptions may take up to 48 hours to process because they need to be reviewed and transcribed by our pharmacy. As soon as any document is processed an email will be sent to the patient (assuming there is an email address on file) advising them we have successfully processed their document.

If I send a prescription, will you automatically fill it?

No. We do not automatically fill any medications, nor do automatically refill prescriptions. Patients must place an order with us before we will ship any medications. Please do not send any prescriptions to us before you set up an account. We do not want to lose any documents sent to us and setting up an account ensures we have a place to put your prescription and are associating it with the right person

Do I need a prescription for all medications?

Generally yes. We operate just like a local pharmacy would. We require prescriptions from a licensed prescriber no matter where the order is being filled from. For your valid prescription to be accepted it must be from a physician licensed to practice in your area of residence. We do carry some over the counter products which do not require a prescription. If you have any questions about whether a certain product requires a prescription, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What language does my prescription need to be written in?

Jandrugs is able to accept prescriptions written in many languages. However the following languages can provide special challenges. Due to the technical nature of the translations, prescriptions written in the following languages will need to have the patient's name, medication name, strength, and usage instructions written in English prior to being sent to us. These languages are: Arabic, Belarusian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Greek, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Macedonian, Persian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Yiddish.

Many patients from countries where these languages are spoken will provide official translations if their doctor is unable to provide an English prescription.

Are international prescriptions acceptable?

Yes. Jandrugs accepts prescriptions written by a licensed prescriber from any country in the world. As is standard policy, Jandrugs will verify the licensure of the prescriber with local regulatory authorities in that country before filling the prescription.

Please Note: While Jandrugs can accept prescriptions from any country in the world, not all medications can be shipped around the world. Local laws may restrict or prohibit the importation of certain medications. Packages may also be held up or seized by a country's customs agency. Jandrugs has no control over the customs screening process. Further, Jandrugs will not ship narcotic or controlled medications to the United States or internationally.

Why can't I buy Xanax, Ambien or Tylenol #3 or similar medications from you?

Jandrugs does not sell controlled medications, narcotics or habit forming substances.

I live in New York State, how can I get my prescription to you?

New York State has imposed new rules mandating an electronic prescrption only system. This has caused a few problems for our patients as this prevents their doctor from faxing prescriptions to us. However the current rules do have some exceptions. Doctors may provide verbal prescriptions over the phone to us or patients may inform their doctor that they will be getting their medication at an out-of-state pharmacy, in which case the doctor may provide a written prescription. Therefore the next time you need a prescription you may ask us to contact your doctor directly for a verbal prescription. Or tell your doctor you would like a written prescription as you will be getting your medication out-of-state. You may then fax, mail or email it to us.

What information will Jandrugs include in emails it sends me?

Jandrugs has found that emails are among the best way to communicate with patients. We use emails for a variety of reasons, ex. notifying patients when their orders ship, notifying patients when we receive document they send us, passing along information about your account or notifying you of refills among others. It is important to understand that emails, such as shipping notifications and refill reminders, will contain the name of the medications being purchased or requiring a refill. Some patients prefer this information to be kept private. Patients have joint or shared email inboxes should be aware that all users who have access to that inbox will be able to read our emails. If this is an issue, please provide us with a private email address to which is accessible only by you, or indicate you would prefer not to communicate by email unless you initiate the conversation.

What is Jandrugs' Privacy Policy?

Any information provided is protected Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act of Canada (PIPEDA). Jan Drugs will not share your personal information outside of our organization, employed contractors, or government regulators with the exception of health care professionals such as pharmacists and physicians as necessary to safely fill your prescription. Jan Drugs will never sell or provide your personal information to any entity for marketing purposes.

Do you source medications from India, China, or Singapore?

No. Patient safety and product quality is very important to us. We only source our medications from the regulated supply chains of Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Do you source medications from India, China, or Singapore?

Drug manufacturers have to license their products in each country in which they sell them. Different countries have different rules and regulations as to how a drug may look and be named. In addition a drug may be marketed under a different name according to the market conditions in that country. This does not affect a medications effectiveness or safety. At times the name of the medication will not differ much. For example Prilosec in the US is known as Losec in the UK and Canada. Other times the name can be very different. The product known as Benicar in the US is marketed under the name Olmetec in the UK and Canada.

Will I always get a better price from Canada?

Not always. While we supply many medications at a lower price we will not always be cheaper. Prices in US pharmacies can vary widely state-to-state, county-to-county and even pharmacy-to-pharmacy. Our goal is to provide you with quality medications at a great price but in some instances your local prices may be lower. Many patients will combine ordering with Jandrugs with ordering from a local pharmacy. They will often order their pricier medications with Jandrugs and get other much cheaper medications at home. For seniors this mixed approach can help avoid hitting the donut hole early in the year and for others it can mean paying a lower price on drugs that their insurance will not cover while getting the medications it will cover locally. Each situation is different. Our goal is to help you save as much money as possible on your drug costs.

Are all drugs available in Canada?

No. We do not have all medications that are available in other parts of the world. We do have the majority of medications available in Canada.

What's the difference between a generic and brand name medication? Aren't generics fake versions of the brand name product?

A generic medication is a product whose brand name patent has expired. This allows other manufacturers to make the drug, often at a much lower cost than the brand equivalent. A generic is not a fake medication. It is therapeutically the same product as the brand name equivalent. It must meet regulatory requirements and cannot be sold without regulatory approval.

Generic medications contain the same active ingredients at the same concentrations as the brand name product but may look different. They are also sold under their scientific name rather than a brand name. For example, the generic equivalent to Crestor is called Rosuvastatin. They may have a different color, size, shape, markings and inert fillers. Jandrugs selects these products carefully to make sure our customers are only provided with the highest quality generic options. By choosing a generic you are not choosing a second-rate product, but are choosing to save money by buying a product that is therapeutically th equivalent to the brand product but is usually much less expensive. In fact, many of the generics we offer are more popular than their brand counter parts.

I have a question about how to use my medication, can I ask to speak to a pharmacist?

Yes. As required by law, Jandrugs has a staff of licensed pharmacists who would be able to answer any questions you have about your medication. Please call us at 1-866-395-3784 and ask to speak to a pharmacist. If one is not available we can have one of our pharmacists call you back.

Will you price match with other online pharmacies?

Jandrugs will match the price of any prescription medication dispensed by a recognized, licensed online pharmacy. The pharmacy must meet certain standards including requiring a prescription for prescription medications. The product must be identical (same drug, same strength, and same country of origin) to the product offered by Jandrugs. In addition, brand medications must have the same manufacturer. This information must be visible on the competitor's website. Further we will take into account the competitor's shipping fee when doing the comparison.

For example:
Pharmacy X is selling 100 tablets of Rosuvastatin (generic equivalent to Crestor) 10 mg for 113.00 and has a $10 shipping fee the country of origin for this product is Canada. Therefore the comparison price will be $123.00. Jandrugs currently offers the same product in the same quantity for $120.00. Jandrugs' price is already lower. If you have a product you would like us to price match, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Will you accept my insurance?

Jandrugs is based in Canada and does not accept any form of insurance. Some patients will submit their invoices from Jandrugs to their insurance company to see if the cost will be covered under their plan. However this is something which must be discussed directly with your insurance provider.

How do I pay for my order?

Jandrugs is pleased to offer several convenient payment options. In order of preference they are:

  1. Direct withdrawal from a checking account. This avoids the high processing fees credit card companies charge us for processing credit cards. Patients are also not forced to pay international transaction fees on top of their order costs (usually 1%-5%).
  2. Personal Check/Money Order: This is a tried and trusted method of payment. Checks cannot be hacked and are very secure. Patients who wish to pay by check may do so provided they provide us with a form of government issued ID, ex. a driver's license number or passport number. If you are willing to provide this information Jandrugs will grant you credit on your account and ship your order before receiving the check. This ensure you get your medication as soon as possible.
  3. American Express: American Express is accepted by all of our pharmacy partners.
  4. Visa/MasterCard: Jandrugs understands that many patients prefer to use their Visa or MasterCard credit cards to pay for their orders. It is important to remember that these cards are not accepted by all our pharmacy partners. Your patient service representative will inform you if paying by Visa or MasterCard is an option for your particular order.
  5. Check Finance Plan: If the cost of buying a three month supply is too high to do in one lump sum, you can take advantage of our check finance plan. You would send us three checks, each for one third of the order amount. The first check would be dated for deposit right away while the second would be dated for one month later; the third dated for two months later. This allow patients to spread the cost of their medications over three months. Even better, no interest is charged.
  6. Wire Transfer: For high value orders, i.e. orders over $1000, a wire transfer may be accepted. Once the order has been placed our billing department will email payment information to the patient to set up the wire transfer. If your order costs less than $1000 additional fees and charges apply

Jandrugs does not accept the following under any circumstances:

  • Visa/MasterCard gift cards
  • Health savings cards
  • Flexible spending cards
  • Coupons or discounts for local businesses or manufacturers.

Do you accept credit cards for all countries?

At this time we do not accept credit card payments from the following countries:

  • CUBA
  • IRAN
  • IRAQ

Do you ever run specials?

Our products are competitively priced. In most cases our prices represent significant savings over what would be charged in the US. To help patients save money we offer our Friends and Family Referral Program and also our price match guarantee.

My prescription has a quantity of 90 tablets but you will only send me 84. Why is that?

Jandrugs only sources its medications from the supply chains of Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. This helps us ensure our patients receive the highest quality products at the best possible prices. In some jurisdictions, a product that would be supplied in a package of 30 tablets in the US may only be supplied in a package of 28 tablets. We do not open manufacturer packaging to get a desired quantity of tablets. In some cases this may mean that we can supply 84 tablets when a prescription has a quantity of 90 tablets.

What is the Jandrugs Recall Policy?

Upon receiving notice of a recall from a manufacturer or supplier, Jandrugs will:

  • Immediately check and confirm if current inventory is affected by the recall.
  • Check purchase orders from the last three months, or within the time frame noted on the recall notice, to determine if Jandrugs previously had product that has now been recalled.
  • Jandrugs will check outstanding purchase orders in transit to confirm that the lot numbers and expiry dates re for the non-recalled product only.

In the event that Jandrugs has any recalled product, it shall immediately remove the recalled product from inventory, place it in a designated and clearly marked "quarantine" area and will thereafter make arrangements to return the recalled product to the manufacturer or supplier.

If you have received a product that is subject to recall, Jandrugs will provide you with details on how to return the recalled product and will also provide counseling regarding any medication related issues.

On becoming informed of the recalled product from Health Canada or the product's Manufacturer, Jandrugs will prepare a list of patients who may have received the recalled product. Jandrugs will then contact each patient by telephone. Alerting those patients of the recall of the product. Several attempts to contact the patient by telephone will be attempted with a messages left for the patient to contact Jandrugs. Jandrugs will also mail the patient a notification of the product recall.

What is the Friends and Family Referral Program?

If you've ordered with Jandrugs before and refer a friend or family member to us you can earn 5% cash back on every order that person places. In addition, anyone you refer to us will get 25% off of their first order, simply because you referred them! It's a great way to help you, your family and friends save money on prescription drug costs. There is no cost to participate and the credits are fully transferrable.

How do I get started in the Friends and Family Referral Program?

It's easy, as long as you're a current customer of Jandrugs all you do is give referral forms to your friends and family. You can download and print them off our website or contact us and we can have them mailed or emailed to you as well. But it can be even simpler. If you don't have any forms just tell your friends and family that if they call Jandrugs and set up an account they should mention you referred them. Our Patient Service Representatives will make a note on their file and you will automatically begin earning credits on every order that person ever places. It's just that easy.

Is there a limit to how many referral credits I can use or earn?

Absolutely not! You can accumulate credits to your heart's content. We want you to tell your friends and family about Jandrugs and the significant savings that can be had on prescription medications through us. If you have enough credits to cover your entire order, go ahead and use them; if you want to save them up, go right ahead. It's your money!

Are my referral credits transferrable?

You referral credits are fully transferable to another account.

Can you send me a check for my referral credits?

Yes we can. If you accumulate $50 or more in referral credits you can request to have a check mailed to you rather than having the money available as a credit on your account.

Why do I have to wait until there is $50 or more in my account before you'll send me a check?

The reason you have to wait until you've accumulated $50 is mainly due to the fees involved with processing and mailing a check to you for your orders. Jandrugs will charge a $10 dollar processing fee and US banks have been known to charge higher fees to cash foreign checks. To get the full benefit of your referral credits it is best to keep them on file for your own medication purchases. You are not charged any additional fees for using them on your own orders and you may transfer them to another person free of charge as well.

What is the Jandrugs Return policy?

Jandrugs offers an industry leading 90 day return policy. If we have made any dispensing errors or if the product received was damaged or defective we will accept a return for up to 90 days from the day the order was shipped. To report the error and authorize a return, please call us at 1-866-395-3784. Jandrugs will cover the cost of return postage up to $12.95. Return postage will be issued as a credit on your file only.

Please note that some restrictions apply. We will not accept a return if a medication has been discontinued by your doctor, if the patient is deceased or the order was already shipped and the patient decided to cancel. If you have any inquiries about our return policy, please contact us.

I did not receive my order in 28 days. What do I do now?

In the rare event that your order does not arrive 28 days from the day it was shipped, we can re-send your order to you. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can get a reshipment processed promptly.

You will not initially be charged for your reshipment. However, the majority of patients who require reshipments will find that they will receive both the reshipment as well as their original order. In this case patients have two choices, they may keep both orders and pay for the reshipment, or they may return one of the orders to us.

A patient may also request a refund rather than a reshipment. However, if the original order does arrive the charges will be re-issued.

I received a letter from US Customs/the FDA informing me that my order was seized. What should I do?

US Customs and the FDA will occasionally confiscate some of our shipments. While the US Government does not stop Americans from importing prescription medications for their own personal use, they do not approve of it either. If you receive a letter from US Customs or the FDA indicating that your package was confiscated please call us as soon as possible and we will be happy to discuss further options with you.

What is your Shipping Policy?

All orders qualify for free shipping. Our shipping time frame ranges from 14-28 days. All packages will arrive in your regular mail. Packages sent via free shipping cannot be tracked. All orders shipped internationally, that is outside of the US or the UK, are charged a $24 shipping fee. Due to past problems shipping internationally we require this fee to be paid and customers to sign for their deliveries so we can confirm orders are being sent and received.

Express shipping is also available. For orders shipping from Canada to the US the fee is $24.99 and for orders shipping from the United Kingdom to the US the fee is $29.99. Express shipping time is 5-7 business days. Express shipping comes with a tracking number for your package. Express shipping is also available internationally however the price and shipping time varies. If an order is being shipped internationally with express shipping our dispensary will calculate the shipping costs and provide shipping options which the customer can then choose from.

Please note that orders may not be shipped to the following areas: Belarus, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Ghana, Senegal, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

I don't have access to my account online. What should I do?

Give us a call. One of our patient service representatives will provide your with access to your account online. We will establish a username and give you a temporary password.

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